Hanif Kureishi Books

Hanif Kureishi books

Hanif Kureishi Books

Hanif Kureishi is a well-known British playwright, screenwriter, and author. He writes engaging and thought-provoking stories about race, nationalism, and sexuality.

Outskirts (1981)

Genre: Drama

This play, written by Hanif Kureishi, follows characters in suburban London who confront societal and personal conflicts. It highlights social and racial tensions within a community setting.

The Buddha of Suburbia (1990)

Genre: Fiction

This novel portrays a teenager’s life in 1970s London suburbs. It discusses identity, race, and class as he navigates adolescence and family dynamics.

My Beautiful Laundrette and Other Writings (1991)

Genre: Fiction, Essays

This collection includes a screenplay about a young British Pakistani man who runs a laundrette in London. It discusses themes of race, identity, and cultural integration in Britain.

The collection also contains essays that provide further commentary on these subjects, offering additional context to the issues presented in the screenplay.

London Kills Me (1991)

Genre: Screenplay

Set in 1990s London, this screenplay follows the lives of homeless youths trying to make a living. It presents a straightforward depiction of urban life and the survival challenges young people face on the margins of society.

The screenplay focuses on their day-to-day experiences and the social realities of urban poverty.

The Faber Book of Pop (1995)

Genre: Non-fiction, Anthology

This anthology collects essays and articles about pop culture’s influence from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The writings discuss how pop culture has shaped public perceptions and impacted society over the decades. The collection provides a range of perspectives on pop culture’s significance in modern history.

The Black Album (1995)

Genre: Fiction

This novel follows a young man in London in the late 1980s who deals with his identity amid cultural and religious conflicts.

The book describes his interactions with different communities and struggles with identity and belonging in a rapidly changing environment.

Love in a Blue Time (1997)

Genre: Short Stories

This collection of short stories addresses themes of love, betrayal, and human relationships in modern-day London. The stories highlight the emotional and relational aspects of individual lives in a large city.

Intimacy (1998)

Genre: Fiction

This novel describes the thoughts of a man during one night as he considers leaving his wife and children. It examines his internal conflict and fears regarding his decision, focusing on his emotions and the consequences of his potential actions.

Midnight All Day (1999)

Genre: Short Stories

This collection of short stories features characters who face significant moments in their relationships, revealing their difficulties with intimacy and personal connections.

Gabriel’s Gift (2001)

Genre: Fiction

The novel follows a young boy in London who, influenced by his parents’ artistic pursuits and their marital issues, discovers his talent for creativity.

The Body (2002)

Genre: Fiction

In this story, a man exchanges his aging body for a younger one, examining themes of identity, desire, and the essence of being human.

Dreaming and Scheming (2002)

Genre: Non-fiction, Essays

This collection of essays discusses the impact of writing on political topics, personal identity, and writers’ duties.

The Mother (2003)

Genre: Fiction

The story explores the emotional and sexual awakening of a widowed woman who starts an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend, testing the limits of family boundaries.

My Ear at His Heart (2004)

Genre: Non-fiction, Memoir

This memoir uncovers Hanif Kureishi‘s exploration of his father’s writings, providing a view into his family history and writing development.

Sleep With Me (2004)

Genre: Fiction

The novel is about a seductive stranger entering a couple’s life and exposing their vulnerabilities and desires.

The Word and the Bomb (2005)

Genre: Non-fiction, Essays

These essays discuss the role of language in shaping public views during conflicts, focusing on global terrorism and political speech.

Venus (2006)

Genre: Screenplay

The screenplay depicts an older actor who develops a unique relationship with a young woman, exploring aging, affection, and legacy themes.

War With No End (2007)

Genre: Non-fiction, Anthology

This anthology, featuring various authors, examines ongoing global conflicts after 9/11 and discusses their human and political impacts.

Something to Tell You (2008)

Genre: Fiction

It is a novel about a London psychoanalyst who must deal with secrets from his past as they come back to affect his life and work.

Just When Stories (2009)

Genre: Fiction, Anthology

This is an anthology of stories by various authors, each creating narratives crucial to shaping the protagonists’ futures.

The Black Album: Adapted for the Stage (2009)

Genre: Drama, Play

This stage adaptation of Kureishi’s novel focuses on identity, culture, and generational conflicts within contemporary British society.

Telling Times (2009)

Genre: Non-fiction, Essays

This collection of writings discusses sociopolitical changes over the decades and the writer’s thoughts on contemporary events.

Collected Stories (2010)

Genre: Short Stories

This volume compiles stories from Kureishi’s career, presenting various characters and themes related to British and immigrant life.

The collection demonstrates Kureishi’s ability to show identity and cultural interaction through detailed and engaging storytelling.

Collected Essays (2011)

Genre: Non-fiction, Essays

This book includes essays onvariousf topics, such as literature, culture, politics, and personal reflections.

Through these essays, Kureishi showcases his analytical abilities and narrative skills, providing insightful commentary on various aspects of contemporary society.

London Stories (2012)

Genre: Short Stories

Set in London, this collection of stories captures the city’s varied essence through narratives of love, struggle, and daily life.

Each story reflects London’s diverse population’s dynamic and complex experiences, highlighting Kureishi’s talent for portraying vivid, authentic urban life.

The Last Word (2013)

Genre: Fiction

This novel focuses on a young writer who is assigned to write the biography of a well-known and controversial literary figure.

The process reveals significant truths about both individuals, delving into themes of legacy, truth, and the complex relationships between biographers and their subjects.

The Nothing (2017)

Genre: Fiction

This darkly comic novel revolves around an aging filmmaker who believes his younger wife is having an affair. His suspicions lead him into a spiral of revenge and obsession. It offers a sharp look at jealousy, betrayal, and the darker sides of human relationships.