Admonish in a Sentence

Admonish in a sentence
Admonish [ədˈmɒnɪʃ] (verb)

1- To warn or reprimand someone firmly

2- To advise or urge earnestly

3- To caution against specific faults or issues


Ad-Monish: Imagine an advertisement (Ad) showing a mother (Mom) firmly warning her child. This visual helps remember “admonish,” which means to warn or reprimand someone.

Origin of the Word

The word “admonish” comes from the Old French term “amonester,” which means “to warn, advise, or urge.” This term itself is derived from the Latin verb “admonere,” a combination of “ad-” (to, towards) and “monere” (to warn, advise).

Therefore, the literal translation of “admonish” from Latin would be “to warn towards” or “to advise.” Historically, this term has been used in contexts where someone is warned or advised earnestly about their actions or behavior, emphasizing the need for caution or correction.

Today, “admonish” is commonly used to describe firmly warning or reprimanding someone, often to correct or caution against specific faults or issues.

Admonish in a Sentence

1- To warn or reprimand someone firmly

1- The teacher admonished the student for his repeated tardiness to class.

2- Parents often admonish their children to look both ways before crossing the street.

3- The manager has to admonish the employee for not following the company’s safety protocols.

4- Her financial advisor admonished her for her irresponsible spending habits.

5- The coach admonished the player for not adhering to the team’s strategy during the game.

6- The librarian admonished the teenagers for being too loud in the quiet zone.

7- The mother admonished her children to be quieter, hoping the noise would soon abate.

8- The environmentalist admonished the public for their lack of awareness about recycling.

9- His mentor admonished him for taking shortcuts in his research.

10- The doctor admonished the patient to take his medication regularly.

2- To advise or urge earnestly

1- The health expert admonished people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

2- The safety officer admonished workers to wear protective gear.

3- She admonished her friend to reconsider the risky investment.

4- The counselor admonished the couple to communicate more openly for a better relationship.

5- The mentor admonished the young entrepreneur to be more realistic in her business plan.

6- The fire department admonished the community to check their smoke detectors regularly.

7- The travel guide admonished tourists to be cautious in crowded areas to avoid pickpockets.

8- The nutritionist admonished her clients to reduce their sugar intake.

9- The teacher admonished students to start studying well before the exams.

10- The director admonished the cast to memorize their lines thoroughly.

3- To caution against specific faults or issues

1- The police officer admonished the driver not to text while driving.

2- The environmental campaign admonished against the dangers of single-use plastics.

3- The veteran programmer admonished the newcomers against ignoring code documentation.

4- The fitness coach admonished against overexertion during workouts to prevent injuries.

5- The HR manager admonished against workplace discrimination.

6- The travel advisory admonished tourists against visiting areas with political unrest.

7- The consumer rights advocate admonished against falling for online scams.

8- The cybersecurity expert admonished companies against neglecting their data security measures.

9- The legal consultant admonished the firm against non-compliance with regulatory standards.

10- The wildlife expert admonished against feeding wild animals in national parks.