Negate in a Sentence

Negate in a sentence

Negate (verb)

1- To nullify, invalidate, or render ineffective.
2- To contradict or be in opposition to.
3- To deny the existence, evidence, or truth.

Negate in a Sentence

1- In the Context of Nullifying or Invalidating

1- While Sarah’s last-minute heroics were exciting, they couldn’t negate the team’s poor performance throughout the season.

2- The fantastic reviews for the restaurant did little to negate Tim’s terrible experience there last weekend.

3- Even though Alex passed the final exam, it wasn’t enough to negate his previous failures in the course.

4- A simple apology cannot negate the harm caused by years of neglect.

5- Emily’s impeccable presentation skills couldn’t negate that her business proposal lacked essential details.

6- The new evidence presented in court could potentially negate the previous verdict

7- Winning one debate does not negate the long history of controversial statements made by the politician.

8- The new anti-virus software negates all the vulnerabilities that hackers had previously exploited.

9- Jack’s public apology did little to negate the outrage caused by his insensitive comments.

10- The benefits of exercise can negate the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

2- In the Context of Contradicting

1- The director’s creative vision for the film seemed to negate the source material’s core themes.

2- Bella’s unexciting social media posts negate her claims of leading an adventurous life.

3- The team’s lackluster defense negated their high-scoring offense, resulting in a draw.

4- Those fabricated testimonials negate the genuine praise the product received from actual customers.

5- The dismal sequel managed to negate all the goodwill generated by the original movie.

6- Oddly, the artist’s later works, full of joy and color, negate the somber tones of his early years.

7- The study’s findings negate the claim that eating chocolate always leads to weight gain.

8- His inconsistent performance negates his assertion that he’s the best player on the team.

9- The overwhelming scientific evidence negates any climate change denial.

10- Her blunt honesty often negated her attempts to provide constructive criticism.

Negate in a Sentence

3- In the Context of Denying

1- The artist continued to negate any accusations of plagiarism, citing his original sketches as proof.

2- The CEO strongly negated rumors of impending layoffs at the press conference.

3- Linda negated any involvement in the questionable deal despite the shaky alibi.

4- Mark negated the idea that he was looking to switch jobs, emphasizing his loyalty to his current employer.

5- The software company quickly negated claims that user data had been compromised.

6- Although many suspected her, she continued to negate having any insider information.

7- With a straight face, Rachel negated having met the man, though photos suggested otherwise.

8- The administration went to great lengths to negate allegations of favoritism.

9- The scientist negated the notion that political considerations influenced her research.

10- Despite the buzz, the author negated rumors that his latest book would be adapted into a film.

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